Managed Cybersecurity Services

Managed IT and Cybersecurity Services

With approximately 1 million new malware threats being released every day, every entity large or small is a target. If you lack the bandwidth and/or qualified resources for the management of your IT infrastructure and security of information assets, or need a virtual and seamless extension of your team, we are here to help.

Lacking Bandwidth to Manage your IT Infrastructure or Keeping Up With the Growing Cyber Threats?


A 24×7 watch of the data and networks is needed in case breaches happen, or for compliance purposes, but big security events are infrequent and the majority of alerts alerts are minor. Technology solutions aren’t enough. You need cyber threat analysts and engineers for monitoring and analyzing your organization’s IT assets an ongoing basis. If you haven’t already hired a managed service provider, consider letting us monitor and manage your information assets. We employ economies of scale and we are aware of the latest threats as we serve other companies in your industry, giving you a better service at affordable prices.


If you already have an established team that you trust, but they lack the bandwidth to address the growing size of your organization and the threats your networks are facing, we can become the seamless extension of your team to help them better manage the operations. By providing the keys to your IT and security management interface, we can augment your current capabilities, and prove to be the best employee you never hired.

We do not offer generic solutions. We develop a strategy that fits our clients’ alerting, reporting, advisory, and mitigation support requirements. Our personnel carry industry and product certifications, and use the combination of technology solutions, processes, and human element to detect, analyze, respond to, and report cyber incidents.