Healthcare Cloud Security Stack for Microsoft Azure

A Healthcare organization’s success is dependent on data-driven decision making. Inability to quickly access and process patient data due to outdated infrastructure may result in a life and death situation. The healthcare cloud security stack for Microsoft Azure (HCSS) is at the center of IT modernization helping entities use cloud services without losing focus on cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance.

What is Healthcare Cloud Security Stack for
Microsoft Azure?
Continuous View of Vulnerabilities

Regular and repeated collection of vulnerability information with Qualys Vulnerability Management Cloud Agents eliminates the need for establishing scanning windows or integrations with credential vaults for systems.

Complete Security Suite for Cloud and Hybrid Workloads

  • Prevent network attacks with Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS)
  • Lockdown servers with application control
  • Accelerate PCI-DSS and regulatory compliance with multiple security controls in one product
  • Automate security with powerful, fully scriptable security controls
  • Protect your legacy and current Windows and Linux workloads

HCSS uses the Qualys Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance, Trend Micro Deep Security, and XentIT Dashboard as a unified cloud threat management solution. Qualys cloud agents continuously collect vulnerability information and are mapped to Trend Micro Deep Security (TMDS).

If Qualys assesses a vulnerability and Deep Security has a virtual patch available the Trend Micro Deep Security virtual patching engages until a physical patch is available and deployed. XentIT’s Dashboard provides a single pane of glass into the vulnerabilities identified by Qualys, the number and types of threats stopped by Trend Micro, and actionable intelligence for further investigation and remediation by security analysts and engineers.

This unified solution eliminates the overhead of security automation and orchestration after migration to the cloud.

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Why use Healthcare Cloud Security Stack for Healthcare with Microsoft Azure?

  • Full implementation of Qualys Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance and Cloud Agents, and Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ by XentIT
  • Environment configuration
  • Unified dashboard view of vulnerabilities and threats detection, and numbers and types of threats stopped

The solutions are very reliable and we receive excellent support whenever we need it. We believe Trend Micro offers the best solutions for protecting data, and the centralized management makes it easy to distribute new versions and stay protected.

Marcos Eboli

IT Quality Services Manager, Ecad

The secure cloud system enhances real-time data access, enabling mission-critical decision making, ensuring astronaut safety. In XentIT, we have a capable cloud security partner that supports us on the U.S. space program.

Sandeep Shilawat

Director, Innovations, ManTech Mission Solutions & Services Group

Secure cloud environments with a solution that meets the needs of the security and cloud operations teams

Shared Security Responsibility

While Azure is responsible for the security of the cloud, customers are responsible for protecting everything they put into the cloud. Deep Security augments Azure security controls to keep your workloads safe and help you meet compliance requirements.

Proactive Security to Prevent Breaches

Deep Security’s Intrusion prevention (IPS) goes beyond reactive intrusion detection systems and prevents problems by blocking network intrusions and vulnerability exploitation.

Keep Malware Off Workloads

Protect your Windows and Linux workloads from increasingly complex malware. Consistently rated the best performing antivirus solution by AV-TEST*, we help you identify and remove malware and block traffic to known bad domains.

The Healthcare Cloud Security Stack for Azure provides:

  • Trend Micro Deep Security
  • Qualys Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance and Qualys Cloud Agents
  • Configuration of your Healthcare Cloud Security Stack
  • Unified detection and prevention dashboard showing the vulnerabilities identified by Qualys and mapped against protection offered by Deep Security