Achieving healthcare information security and compliance in the cloud with a unified solution


Achieving healthcare information security and compliance in the cloud with a unified solution

The success of any healthcare organization is dependent on data-driven decisions. Any attempt to interfere with the critical flow of data can slow down, and even obstruct, critical care by healthcare professionals. Exposure to security vulnerabilities puts the organization at risk, jeopardizes compliance requirements, and disrupts business performance if those vulnerabilities are exploited. Cyberattacks and intrusions can be devastating to the business and inhibit customer confidence. Carrying out costly disaster recovery operations and adding extra layers of security as an afterthought is counterproductive. Instead, you should be providing the proverbial ounce of prevention that is well worth a pound of cure.

Additionally, in a cloud-first world, with the increase of organizations adopting the cloud, your ability to quickly access and process patient information means modernizing outdated infrastructure.

So, what can you do to modernize your infrastructure but also continuously protect your organization’s information assets in the cloud? The answer lies in Healthcare Cloud Security Stack for Microsoft Azure, a single, end-to-end security solution for your healthcare assets at the center of a modernized IT infrastructure.

A unified solution that helps secure your cloud environments Healthcare Cloud Security Stack for Azure also provides you with visibility into cloud-based threats from a single dashboard. The combined expertise of three partnering specialist technologies provides that complete proactive security solution your organization needs. With Microsoft Azure as the cloud of choice, you can use cloud services without losing focus on cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance. Moreover, Healthcare Cloud Security Stack for Azure meets the needs of security and cloud operations teams.

How does Healthcare Cloud Security Stack for Azure measure up to protect your information assets?

Three companies partnered to integrate aspects of their technologies to form the basis of the Healthcare Cloud Security Stack:

  • Qualys helps businesses automate the full spectrum of auditing, compliance, and protection of IT systems and web applications.
  • The global leader in enterprise data security and cybersecurity solutions, Trend Micro offers solutions that optimize security for leading environments, platforms, and applications.
  • XentIT functions as a virtual and seamless extension of its clients’ service and delivery organizations.

The Healthcare Cloud Security Stack for Azure created by these partners uses Qualys Cloud Agent to continuously collect and assess vulnerability information. This information is mapped to Trend Micro Deep Security to provide you with a virtual patching capability until a physical patch is available and deployed without disruption to your network. This is continuously monitored by XentIT Executive Dashboard, a single pane of glass into identified vulnerabilities with the number and type of threats stopped, providing actionable intelligence for further investigation and remediation by security analysts and engineers.

As a result, Healthcare Cloud Security Stack for Azure eliminates the need to determine which disparate software can interact well enough to provide a cohesive and unified solution without disruption and in a way that will be most productive for your particular security, engineering, and compliance teams’ needs. This single solution also removes the overhead of security automation and orchestration after migration to the cloud.

See how Healthcare Cloud Security Stack for Azure can actively protect your healthcare information assets. Take part in a 14-day trial available on Azure Marketplace today.E-mail